Mandi Lam is a fashion & textile designer based between her hometown Hong Kong and London. Specializing in Knitwear Design with Technology, she constantly visualizes and expresses her ideas through yarns and stitches with a modern and artistic twist, which gives an innovative edge to her creations. With her creativity and technical design background, she has worked with different international clothing brands and suppliers for the past years.

After graduating from her BA in Fashion & Textile Design in Hong Kong in 2014, Mandi continued to develop her interest in Knitwear Technology where her imagination has been translated through the mix of yarns, stitches and techniques combined with different textile treatments. Her first collection 'Expose' (2014) was based on her perspective on the ever-changing world. She altered the shape and texture of knitted fabric by applying coatings with prints and acrylic to express the story, bringing her the Best Use of Merino Wool Award sponsored by the Woolmark Company. In 2017, she created her second collection 'Steam' and further visualized her perspective by exploring the possibility in knitwear and textile design.